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NEHCA Highland Shows


Passionate about the Highland breed and the preservation of agriculture heritage breeds?

New to cattle and want to learn more?

Interested in purchasing cattle, but worried about the vast amount of online predatory scammers?

Visit a Northeast Highland AHCA Show and meet breeders from all over the region in person! 

NEHCA and AHCA Highland Shows create a fun and family-friendly environment allowing beginners, hobbyists, breed enthusiasts, youth, and established breeders to gather in a welcoming space to converse, exhibit cattle, and network with farms from across the region and country.

Do you need to exhibit cattle to enjoy a NEHCA Highland Cattle Show? No! All those interested in breed stewardship are welcome!

JOIN the NEHCA festivities! Enjoy great highland cattle genetics, conversations, & FUN.

Visit Our THREE 2024 Shows!

  • 2024 NEHCA Spring Show & Gathering!:**

  • ​West Springfield, MA (May 2th-5th)

  • Boonville Fair Highland Show:*

    • ​Boonville, NY (July 26th-28th)

  • New York State Fair Highland Show:*

    • ​Syracuse, NY (August 24th-28th)

(*) Meaning?
All AHCA-sanctioned shows are evaluated under the AHCA ROE (Role of Excellence) Point System
At the end of the annual AHCA Show Season (February-January), individual animal placements at every AHCA Show are compiled to create the Annual Grand Role of Excellence results. Super Point Show placements are worth twice the amount of points of a Single Point Show towards ROE placement standings. NEHCA is proud to announce that the 2024 NEHCA Spring Show & Gathering will be ranked as a Super Point Show!
- Single Point Sh
ows (*): at least 20 AHCA Highlands are in attendance.
​- Super Point Shows (**): at least 50 AHCA Highlands are in attendance. 

Interested in ROE results & finding ROE animals or genetics in your area?  
Check out last year's, 2022 AHCA Role of Excellence Wi
Upcoming NEHCA Shows!

July 28th- 30th 2023
Boonville-Oneida County Fairgrounds
Boonville, NY 

Entries Due: Wednesday, July 15, 2023, to: 

Sue LeClar



No bedding provided- there is a Tractor Supply in town

  • If you are planning to leave Monday, please contact:

    • Dick LeClar(315) 794-6185 for arrangements

  • ATTENTION:  All animals exhibited at New York events must have a current:

    1. Rabies Vaccine

    2. BVD Test!! 

Boonville Show Question?  

Contact: Dick LeClar

(315) 794-6185




2023 Boonville Fair

August 26th- 30th, 2023
NY State Fairgrounds
Syracuse, NY 

Attention: All animals exhibited at New York events must have a current:
1) Rabies vaccination
2) BVD Test!! 

Entries Due: Friday, August 4th, 2023

Visit New York State Fair website to enter animals 



  • NYSF Fairgrounds for Livestock Exhibitor Camping.  Offering pre-registration for LIVESTOCK RV Parking permits.  Camping is limited to exhibitors. Make sure to register early online as space is limited. No tent camping allowed at fairgrounds. 



Saturday: (August 26th)

  • 5-10 pm: Arrival of the Second Rotation of Cattle, strictly enforced.

Sunday: (August 27th)

  • 9 am: Deadline to Check-In Office with Registration Papers

  • 6 pm: Exhibitor Potluck Dinner 

Monday: (August 28th)

  • 4 pm: Junior Highland Youth Show

Tuesday: (August 29th) BEEF DAY

  • 9:30 am: Highland Open Show

  • 1 pm: Haybale Throwing Contest! 

  • 3 pm: NY State Supreme Female Show

Wednesday: (August 30th)

  • 9 am: 4H Youth Breed Show/Showmanship

  • 4 pm: Release of Second Rotatopn Cattle & Campers

  • 5 pm: Barn Closed for Cleaning 

Highland Cattle Sales

Looking to purchase Highland cattle? 

Check out the NEHCA Membership Directory to find farm contact information.

Many New England farms have available breeding stock for sale under private treaty. 

NEHCA currently does not have an annual association sale, but our neighboring regional Highland Cattle Associations are hosting 2024 auctions!

2024 AHCA Highland Auctions:

Interested in a sale listed above, but do not live nearby?

Many auctions have private trucking available.

Contact the auction beforehand to see if trucking is available in your area.

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