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Mission Statement: 
"To spread knowledge, foster passion, and encourage stewardship for the preservation of the Highland breed."​

   Our Association has prospered and grown because of the participation and efforts of our members who have spurred interest and awareness of the Highland breed. Your participation and input will propel our further growth and success. This is a “members'” organization and we heartily encourage ideas and suggestions.

   The Officers and Directors are at your service and we can assure you that current members are mostly willing to assist you with any questions that you may have pertaining to the care and breeding of Highland Cattle. A directory of officers and directors can be found on the Board of Directors page. 

  As our events are scheduled throughout the Northeast, we all have an opportunity to meet each other and participate in person. We can all say that these events are an absolute pleasure and we all have a great time sharing cattle stories, ideas, and friendship. We look forward to your membership and seeing you at our next meeting.

   If you are interested in becoming a NEHCA member, please click here to complete your Membership Application. Once complete please send it to our Treasurer Sheila Washburn, with the membership fee of $42, payable to NEHCA. This small fee includes a free listing on the Beef for Sale page and your farm will be added to the map on this website.

Questions? Comments? Contact us at!

Highlands Grazing

Hardy Heritage Cattle for Rugged New England

The Northeast Highland Cattle Association membership has promoted Scottish Highland cattle throughout New England agriculture for over 50 years. Our association ranges from social events including the Annual Meeting and cattle shows to heritage beef production. 

NEHCA has three regional AHCA Roll of Excellence (ROE) pointed shows:

  • NEHCA Spring Show: Springfield, MA (May)

  • Boonville Fair: Boonville, NY (August)

  • New York State Fair: Syracuse, NY (Late August) 

Annual Meeting travels throughout New England each year to various host farms. Check out the Annual Meeting page to discover this year's location! Whether you live in southeastern or northern New England, the annual meeting travels allowing various areas of the association to bring NEHCA to their unique farms in the northeast!

Interested in heritage Highland beef? Our NEHCA membership includes multiple Highland beef producers, check out the Beef For Sale page to locate your local beef producer! Multiple beef producers are members of the Quality Highland Beef (QHB) standard run under the American Highland Cattle Association

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