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Classified Advertisement Submissions

Your NEHCA Membership allows you two FREE ads on the Classified page per year!

- NEHCA Member Cost (after your first & second FREE classified ads): $20 /90-day ad 

- Non-NEHCA member Costs: $35/90-day ad on Classified page​

  • AHCA registrations are required for breeding stock lots & must be entered on your advertisement submission form.

  • Registrations are not required for beef market animals

  • 200-word limit/ advertisment

Please Note:

  • Advertisements are added at the start of the month and last 90 days. 

  • Advertisements are for individual animals with exceptions to cow-calf pairs.

  • Out of courtesy to interested buyers, if your lot sells before the duration of the 90-day timeframe, please email the Website Designer to remove the sold lot so the NEHCA Classified page remains updated with only available animals. 

  • NEHCA Classified page is solely an advertisement means of promoting available lots. NEHCA is not responsible for facilitating sales activities between the seller & buyer. 

Cattle Lot Sale Photo Guidelines:

Please use the following photography suggestions while taking cattle sale lot photos:

  • Only the sale animal is present in the photo (Exception for cow/calf lot submissions).

  • Side profile of sale animal

  • The sale animal is brushed & cleaned.

  • Neutral, clean, & plain background/scenery: easy for web viewers to see your sale animal.

  • The handler does not block the view of the animal.

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