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2024 NEHCA Spring Show & GATHERING

Do you need to exhibit cattle to enjoy a NEHCA Highland Cattle Show? No!

NEHCA and AHCA Highland Shows create a fun and family-friendly environment allowing beginners, hobbyists, breed enthusiasts, youth, and established breeders to gather in a welcoming space.  to converse, exhibit cattle, and network with farms from across the region and country.

JOIN the NEHCA festivities! Enjoy great highland cattle genetics, conversations, & FUN.

Visit the 2024 NEHCA Spring Show (May 2nd to 5th)!

May 2nd-5th, 2024
West Springfield, MA
Eastern States Exposition Center

2024 NEHCA Spring Show Schedule

NEHCA Sponsorship Opportunities:

You do not have to exhibit cattle to Sponsor the 2024 Spring Show & Gathering!

NEHCA Sponsorships are a great way to get your farm name out n' about and recognized in the Highland community!  Whether you sponsor in the Show Book, or advertise on our T-Shirt, or website- NEHCA is incredibly thankful for your contribution towards supporting our regional organization. 

2024 Spring Show & Gathering Sponsorship Opportunities

Submitting Payment Using PayPal?

Visit the NEHCA Store to purchase 2024 NEHCA Spring Show Sponsorships, Memberships, Animal Entry Fees, and Banquet Tickets! 

Please Note: Check payments are not subject to PayPal processing fees (cost savings!)

NEHCA Banquet: Saturday, May 4th

The 2024 NEHCA Spring Banquet will be held this year at the historic Colonial-Era Storrowton Tavern! 

The tavern is located right on the Eastern States Fairgrounds, located across from the historic brick State Houses. The NEHCA Banquet brings breeders from across the region together for a night of social comradery and offers a silent auction during cocktail hour, Annual Awards, and a delicious buffet dinner. You can purchase Banquet Tickets by check or online at the NEHCA Store!

Storrowton Tavern: 1305 Memorial Avenue W, West Springfield, MA 01089 (Gate #2)

5:30pm: Doors Open/Cocktail Hour/Silent Auction

6:30pm: Banquet Ceremony Begins

If you pay by check: Banquet Adult Ticket is $40, Children under 8 is $15

If paying through PayPal: Banquet Adult Ticket is $42, Children under 8 is $16

NEHCA Membership:

Please remember, to show cattle at the 2024 NEHCA Spring Show & Gathering, you must be a current 2024 NEHCA Member, click HERE for a membership form.


Please help us streamline entries by signing up using the Online Entry Forms! (Paper entry forms are still available, but Junior entries are fully online)
Please Complete the Following Forms to Register for the 2024 NEHCA Spring Show:

  1. Form #1: 2024 Farm Registration & Sponsorship Form HERE -mandatory for all

  2. Form #2: 2024 Open Show Cattle Registration Entry & Health Requirements Form HERE -complete individual submission for each animal/ group class

  3. Form #3: 2024 NEHCA Sponsorship Form HERE -optional 

  4. Form #4: 2024 Junior (Youth) Showship Entry Form HERE 

  5. Form #5: 2024 Adult Showmanship Entry Form HERE

  6. Form #6: 2024 NEHCA Spring Banquet Ticket Registration Form HERE -one entry for your entire party

Having trouble navigating online forms?

Contact Miriam at and we will help you!

NEHCA Juniors Entry Forms (Youth Exhibitors): 

Hey NEHCA Juniors! Glad to have you here, Junior entry forms can only be completed online.

Please make sure to complete all three of the following online forms to enter the NEHCA Junior Show: 

  1. Enter your heifer in Big East Heifer Show & Big East Showmanship HERE

    • Please Note: NEHCA Junior Show entries are handled by Big East, you need to enter using the Big East Heifer Show Entry Form

  2. Make sure you also enter your heifer in the NEHCA Open Show using Form #2: HERE

  3. Register as a NEHCA Junior and enter NEHCA Showmanship using Form #4: HERE

  4. If you would like to permit NEHCA to share photos on Social Media or the NEHCA Website, please fill out the Minor Photography Release Form and give to NEHCA Junior Director at the Show. 

Junior Questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to NEHCA Junior Director:

Laura McDowell-May, at

Rather Use Paper Entry Forms? 

Please note, that you can submit online entries and STILL pay by check!

Submitting online entries does not mean you are required to pay using online payment. 

2024 NEHCA Spring Show Paper Entry Forms:

  1. Animal Health Requirements & General Rules HERE

  2. 2024 NEHCA Spring Show Cattle/Open Show Registration Entry Form HERE

  3. 2024 NEHCA Sponsorship Form HERE

  4. 2024 Adult Showmanship Entry Form- must use online Form #5 HERE

  5. 2024 NEHCA Spring Banquet Ticket Registration Form HERE

JUNIOR (YOUTH) ENTRIES must use Online Forms

We accept:

Checks (preferred) or PayPal!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2024 Spring Show & Gathering!


Hilton Garden Inn

800 Hall of Fame Ave

Springfield, MA 01105

Deadline: April 5th, 2024

Space is limited, book your rooms early!

Register Rooms Under: Big East Youth Show

Hotel Discount Group Code: BE YOUTH JACKPOT 24

To Be Directed to the Hotel Website Click: HERE


Exhibitors and Vistors are both welcome to camp at the Eastern States Fairgrounds, more information HERE 

$20/Night for 30 amp

$25/Night for 50 amp (limited space) 

Hey New Exhibitors!

Do you own Highlands and are interested in Showing, but feel overwhelmed about getting involved?

We are here to help!

Contact Laura McDowell-May, head of our Show Committee Mentorship Program.

We will answer your vet questions, health requirements, and what supplies to bring to a show- we'll work with you from A-Z. We all began somewhere and NEHCA would love to help you through the process! 

Creating your Animal Show Sign:

Feel welcome to download the sample show sign template and add your animal's information. Then print! You can laminate and duck tape sign to your curtains, or if feeling fancy put the laminated sign in an 8X11 picture frame (remember to remove the glass), drill a hole in the top two corners of the frame, and run wire through the hole to make two hooks! To view the Show Sign Template, click HERE

Postcard Worthy!
Future of Our Breed!
Welcoming the Grand Champion Females!
Trafalgar Square Farm!
Sandy Acres!
Mid Lake Highlands!
Congratulations To Our Exhibitors!
Ready at Ring Side!
Seawind Meadows Bull!
Hello Little One!
Howling Springs!
Behind The Scenes- Thank You For Your Wo
Happy at Stalling Area!
Awaiting the Ring- 2022 Spring Show
Ridgeville Farm
NEHCA Banquet
NEHCA Banquet
Ledyard Farm
NEHCA Pizza Social!
Spring Flight Farm, LLC
Howling Springs Farm
NEHCA Banquet: We are so proud of our NEHCA Juniors!
Seawind Meadows Farm, LLC
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