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September 16th, 2023
Meeting at:
Willow Lane Farm
Harmony Maine

Willow Lane Farm

The NEHCA Annual Meeting allows Highland breeders to gather from all over New England to share ideas about the current and future of our breed association. New to the breed? Come meet Highland breeders from all over New England!

The Annual Meeting is a wonderful opportunity to learn about northeast Highland happenings and to meet new regional members.


Whether you are new to the breed or an established breeder, the annual meeting is open to all, creating a fun opportunity to learn more about the breed.

Passionate about the Highland breed? Join other Highland breeders, together we continue to learn and teach others on agricultural knowledge gained throughout the years. 

Thank you to the Campbell Family for hosting a wonderful 2022 NEHCA Annual Meeting


September 17th, 2022
Meeting at:
Ridgeville Farm
8480 Gee Road
Canastota, NY

Thank you to the past NEHCA Annual Meeting farm hosts!

  • 2022 Ridgeville Farm; Canastota, NY

  • 2021 Hawkswood Farm; Middleboro, MA

  • 2019 Ledyard Farm; King Ferry, NY

  • 2018 Seawind Meadows, LLC: Dennis, MA

  • 2017 Double LL Farm: Booneville, NY 

  • 2016 Bull Run Farm: Lehighton, PA

  • 2015 Star Lake Cattle Company: Springfield, NH, & Trafalgar Farm: North Pomfret, VT

  • 2013 Penn State University: State College, PA

  • 2012 Who's Hill Farm: Sunbury, PA

  • 2011 Oxbow Farm: Goshen, NH

  • 2010 Honesdale, PA

  • 2009 RobLowe Farm: Roxbury, CT

  • 2008 MAHA Spring Show: Mercer, PA

  • 2007 Ledyard Farm: King Ferry, NY

  • 2006 Glen Haven Farm: NY

  • 2003 Spring Flight Farm, LLC: Elmira, NY

Interested in Hosting a Future Annual Meeting?


Bring NEHCA to your area of New England!

The annual meeting changes location each year making attendance easier for NEHCA members in various areas of New England.

Questions on hosting? Past farm hosts and the current NEHCA Board of Directors are great resources & contacts to answer various Annual Meeting questions. 

We look forward to speaking with you! 


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